The 7 Days and 7 Changes Before Your Begin Your Crossfit Diet

Preparation Week

Instead of jumping in completely day 1, most people start with a preparation week before going completely Paleo. These 7 changes and habits will help you along your Paleo journey.

Day1- Get Motivated

Gather some of your favorite motivational quotes and write them down on a piece of paper. Cut them all out, and put them in locations you will see throughout the day. Put them on your desk, bathroom mirror, in your car, every where you can think of. Take the time to read them and reflect though out the day.

Day 2- VisualizeVisualize Paleo Goals

Visualization is proven to be motivation when you are trying to reach a goal. Today, make yourself a vision board. You can even make two-one for home and one for your workplace. These boards can be elaborate and artistic, or a simple bulletin board or sheet of cardboard. You can even use a clipboard or dry erase board with magnets.

Collect pictures that inspire you, but steer clear of pictures of fitness models and celebrities whose bodies you admire. Instead, choose pictures of thing you want to do when you’re fit and healthy, or even pictures of yourself when you were in better shape.

Day 3- Take Stock of Where You Begin, So You Know How Far You Have Gone

Today, you need to take stock of where you are in terms of your fitness and health. This will enable you to set realistic goals, track your progress and celebrate your success.

First, you need to take your measurements. Using a flexible tape measure, measure your chest, upper arms, waist, abdomen, hips, thighs, and calves, and record the measurements. Each week. you can record the changes and see the evidence of your weight loss progress. 

Next, try doing just two minutes of moderate cardio exercise. This could include jumping jacks, jumping rope or any other activity that gets you moving, Record how you feel during and after the exercise. Repeat this once a week while on the Paleo diet and notice whether your energy and fitness levels are changing.

Weigh yourself and record your starting weight, but understand that your weight is not the perfect gauge of your health. Use an online body mass index calculator (typing “BMI calculator” into a search engine will produce several free options) to calculate your body fat ratio. After starting the diet, weight yourself and recalculate your body mass once per week. These calculations are a much better picture of how you’re doing than weight alone.


Write down goals that you would like to accomplish with your commitment to a new Crossfit Paleo Diet. Try not to get into to much detail but avoid being too general. Establish a few weekly and/or monthly goals, such as:

  • I will do at least half an hour of exercise three times per week
  • I will cut back to two cups of coffee a day
  • I will eat breakfast every morning
  • I will walk to work once a week 

Put your list of goals in a location where you can check it frequently and mark off your progress. It’s a good idea to change your goals every couple of weeks to keep yourself excited and moving forward.


Day 5- Choosing Your Rewards

Write down a list of rewards you will enjoy as you meet each of the goals on your list. Rewards can be as simple as buying your favorite magazine or a night out with your friends. Every success, no mater how small, should be celebrated in some way. You’ve earned it.

Day 6- Get Your Fill of The Forbidden FoodsForbidden Paleo Foods

This may be your favorite day, but it isn’t just for fun. Today, go ahead and eat those favorite foods that you won’t be eating on the Paleo diet. Choose foods you love the most whether it pizza, ice cream or French Fries. Thirty to sixty minutes after eating these foods, take a few notes on how you feel. Are you sluggish, bloated, fatigued, or mentally foggy? Good. Keep those notes. Read them tomorrow when you’re doing the Day 7 activity and keep them for later if temptations arise.


Day 7- Clean House

It’s time to get all the forbidden foods out of the house. That means no processed foods, sugars, legumes, dairy, processed meats, flours, bread, crackers, cookies, cakes, gravy mixtures, muffins, bagels or tortillas. Here are some ideas for getting these foods out of your house.

  • Donate unopened foods to a local shelter or food bank1000_paleo_recipes
  • Pass food boxes on to family, friends, or neighbors
  • Take can goods to your local grocery store’s donation box
  • Give unwanted items to your church group or community group

If you are living with others who will not be on the Paleo diet, then at least move their off-limits foods to separate shelves and cupboards that are less accessible and tempting to you.

Now that you’ve completed your preparation, you’re ready to start on the Paleo diet. Next up, take a look at the first 2 weeks meal plans here.

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