Losing Weight on the Crossfit Diet- Paleo Explained

How Does It Work?

You may be wondering: How can I lose weight when I’m still eating meats, fats, and high-carb fruits and veggies? The answer: By using the Paleo methods to align your diet with your body’s historical genetic programming, you can boost your metabolic rate, speed healthy and complete digestion, regulate some of the hormones related to energy and fat storage, and reduce hunger and cravings for unhealthy foods. crossfit meal plan

The foods you’ll be eating on the Paleo diet are the ones our bodies have been programmed to eat for tens of thousands of years. The foods you’re eliminating from your diet are foods we’ve only been eating for the last one percent of recorded human history; foods that, according to the Crossfit Paleo diet, are ones that we are not genetically adapted to eat. These “new” foods slow digestion and metabolism, wreak havoc on our hormones, and cause our bodies to both overeat and store excess fat.

If history serves as a guide, your body needs the good fats, vitamins, minerals, fiber and carbs it gets from meats, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. But it does not need modern grains, legumes or sugars. If you examine the health of the few cultures that still follow this type of diet, you’ll see that they are healthier, leaner and tend to live longer then those of us who eat diets heavy in sugar, grains and processed foods.

Why the Crossfit Diet works

There are a few major differences between how the Paleo diet works and how other diets work. These differences are important because they are likely to directly affect your odds of success in losing weight.1000_paleo_recipes

  • Low-glycemic carbs that you eat from plant sources can help reduce cravings and increase your energy level.
  • High fiber foods can help keep you full longer, especially if they don’t contain the starches that are present in grains.
  • Protein contributes to building lean muscle, which can help you burn fat faster.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids and other healthy fats can help make you feel full, slow your body’s metabolism of sugars, keep your blood sugar levels steady, and help you burn stored fat.
  • Increased vitamin C from fruits and vegetables, especially berries, can help your body metabolize fat. The process of metabolizing fat results in burning existing stored fat as fuel and using the fat you eat for energy instead of storing it.
  • A low-sugar diet can help you avoid insulin resistance and blood sugar level fluctuations. Steadier blood sugar levels can help keep your energy level constant instead of storing it.


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