Paleo In The News- Megan Fox Sheds Baby Weight With Paleo

Megan Fox credits her stunning post birth weight loss to the Paleo diet. After the birth of her second son, the actress had gained weight, which she stated that a low carb, sugar freePaleo diet helped her to lose just five months after her son’s birth.








Paleo prescribes high-quality animal proteins, healthy fats, vegetables and fruits, and excludes gluten, sugar, dairy, legumes, starches, alcohol and processed foods. Megan stated, “I’ve had to eliminate bread from my diet, so I’m on that high-protein, very low-carbohydrate, very low-sugar diet. It’s kind of awful.”

She even succeeded in shedding her post pregnancy weight after her first son’s birth. In 2012 she gained 23 pounds that she lost rapidly by following the Paleo diet.

Megan has been working out as well. Fox’s trainer, Harley Pasternak stated that Megan’s workouts during her pregnancy helped her speedy post-babyweight loss. “We worked out throughout her entire pregnancy. She was a modelof health through the whole process,” Pasternak said. Her workouts included cardio exercises, stretching and strength training.

recent study published in the EuropeanJournal of Clinical Nutrition revealed that the Paleo diet is extremely beneficial forweight loss, it being two times more effective as other diets for promoting weight loss. As a part of the study, 70 obese, post menstrual women were followed for two years. A few were given the low-fat diet to follow, while the others were assigned a low-carb Paleo diet.

The participants’ weight, cholesterol and blood sugars were checked six months after the study commenced. They were measured again, two years later. The results revealed that those following the Paleo diet lost more than twice the amount of weight compared to the weight lost by those who followed the low fat diet.  The Paleo dieters lost 14 pounds while the low-fat dieters lost 5.7 pounds.

The benefits of the Paleo diet is much more than just weight loss; it is seen to reduce belly fat, cholesterol, reduces hormone surges and controls diabetes as well. The low-carb, high-fat Paleo dieters’ waist reduced by four inches in just six months and the low fat dieters lost just two inches in the same amount of time.

Megan_Fox_FlowersThe diet has been followed by so many because older women, especially those who are in their post menstrual phase find it extremely hard to lose weight due to slower metabolism and hormone disruptions. Studies and researches have testified the benefits of the Paleo diet, owing to this and the live testimonies of several people, many men and women have taken to the diet, celebrities are no exception either.

The Paleo diet has a huge celebrity fan following, Tim McGraw, Jessica Biel, Kellan Lutz, supermodel Adriana Lima and , Matthew McConaughey are a few to mention.             Source.


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