Planning Your Crossfit Diet

Crossfit Diet Planning

Planing Your Daily Diet

It is recommended that you eat at least three main meals a day and several healthy snacks in between. Try to avoid going more than two hours without at least a lean protein. Snacking will help keep hunger away and keep your blood sugar levels steady. Even if you’re not inclined to plan your menus in advance, many people find that doing so increases their initial chances of success.

It’s important to have what you need on hand so that you don’t fall for an unhealthy temptation. We included some sample meals on the site to reference. ┬áTo get started, here are some guidelines.

Early Morning/Breakfast

Eat as soon as possible after you wake up, especially during your first few weeks on the Crossfit Diet. If you keep your evening meals protein-heavy and light on carbs, you make awaken with more energy in the morning.

Scrambled eggs and omelets are good breakfast choices if you have time to cook. If you don’t have time in the morning, cold left-over meats and protein smoothies are good Crossfit Diet options


Lunch should include a large serving of protein, such as a meat stew, cold leftover chicken, or a salad with chicken breast or shrimp. Add some high fiber carbs for extra fullness and energy, such as fruit with a handful of nuts.


Your evenings meals should focus primarily on protein. Most people burn less energy during the evening. Unless you work out after dinner, try to limit your carb intake. Choose low-glycemic veggies as your side dishes.

Dessert or Evening Snack

You’re free to choose between sweat treat or a little more of what you had for dinner. Fruit, unsweetened fruit ice bars, or any of the Paleo-friendly dessert recipes seen here.


Throughout your day, you should snack as frequently as possible- at least once every two to three hours. Focus on a mix of both protein and carbs for each snack. The protein will help keep you from getting hungry and the carbs will help you avoid fatigue. Eating frequently can also speed up your metabolism.

Crossfit Diet Plan

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