What is the Crossfit Diet All About? (Paleo)

The Paleo diet has become incredibly popular among crossfit enthusiasts in the past few years, leading many people to assume that it’s new way of eating. In reality, the Paleo diet has been around for almost forty years.

How The Crossfit Diet (Paleo) Came About

In 1975, a gastroenterologist names Dr. Walter Voegtlin published a book The Stone Age Diet. In the book, he documented how he treated patients with a diet that replicated the eating patterns of people during the Paleolithic era. The diet prescribed consuming large quantities of animal fats and proteins and very small quantities of carbohydrates. Dr. Voegtlin reported that his patients, who suffered from disorders such as Crohn’s disease and irraitable bowel syndrome, showed significant health improvements when following the diet.  Unfortunately. no one believed at the time that this could help.crossfit diet

Ten years later, Dr. S Boyd Eaton and Dr. Melvin Konner published a paper in the New England Journal of Medicine that supported Dr. Vogels research and received lots of attention. The popularity of the publication lead to the release of their book The Paleolithic Prescription. The book explained how our ancestors ate and why it was such a nutritional lifestyle.

What The Diet is For You, The Modern Day Cave Dweller

There are several versions of the crossfit diet our today. They generally differ in terms of how strict they follow the eating habits of our Paleolithic ancestors. With the crossfit diet plan you will reap the health and weight loss benefits of the Paleo diet without having to turn your entire lifestyle inside out or spend time searching for exotic ingredients. You’ll be practicing a diet that is moderate in its approach, but you will likely see incredible results.

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