Whats Not On the Crossfit Diet?

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The Crossfit diet is effective not only because of what you eat, but also because of what you don’t eat. Changing the components and proportions of your diet is only half the Crossfit diet plan. The other half involves eliminating foods that can slow your metabolism, encourage blood sugar problems and fat storage, and slow digestion. The eliminated foods include processed foods, alcohol, grains, legumes and sugar.

Processed Foods

Fast food, frozen meals and store-bought sweets and snacks are not  part of the Paleo diet and should be avoided.


NOt only was alcohol an unlikely component of a Crossfit Diet but it is also filed with empty calories and sugar. Alcohol does not supply enough nutritional value to offset its negative dietary attributes and therefore its not included in the Crossfit Diet.


Grains, all breads, pasta, rice, oats, barley, are agricultural produts, you are embarking in a ore-agricultural diet.


As with grains, legumes such as beans, peas, soy and soy derivatives are agricultural products and are therefore off-limits. The specific risks to your health that these foods pose will be explained here.


One of the remarkable things about the Crossfit Paleo diet is the impact it can have not only on lowering blood sugar levels, but also on decreasing your risk of developing diabetes and metabolic syndrome. In part, this is because sugars are eliminated on the Paleo diet. It is also very important to avoid substituting artificial sweeteners for sugar. You can, however, use honey in moderation, as it was likely a part of ancestral diet.

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